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One Book - One Day 2022: Home

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Let's Read!

"Calling In" by  Xiye Bastida 3-7
" Reciprocity" by  Janine Benyus 8-13
" Indigenous Prophecy and Mother Earth" by  Sherri Mitchell 16-28
" Beyond Coal" by  Mary Anne Hitt 61-73
" A Green New Deal For All of Us" by  Rhiana Gunn-Wright 92-102
" Harnessing Cultural Power" by  Favianna Rodriguez 121-127
" Wakanda Doesn't Have Suburbs" by  Kendra- Pierre Louis 138-144
" A Tale of Three Cities" by  Jainey K. Bavishi 157-164
" Buildings Designed for Life" by  Amanda Sturgeon 166-169
" Mending the Landscape" by  Kate Orff 177-183
" At the Intersections" by Jacqui Patterson 194-202
" Dear Fossil Fuel Executives" by  Cameron Russell 205-211
" Public Service for Public Health" by  Gina McCarthy 222-227
" Loving a Vanishing World" by  Emily N. Johnston 256-265
" Solutions at Sea" by  Emily Stengel 294-298
" Black Gold" by  Leah Penniman 301-310
" Water is a Verb" by  Judith D. Schwartz 312-318
" A Letter to Adults" by  Alexandria Villasenor 323-327
" Community is Our Best Chance" by  Christine E. Nieves Rodriguez 363-368
" Onward" by the Editors 371-374

Keynote speaker

Alexandria Villaseñor

At the age of 13, Alexandria Villaseñor co-founded the U.S. Youth Climate Strike movement. Now, at the age of 15, Alexandria has become an internationally recognized environmental activist, public speaker, author, and founder of several more initiatives, including the climate education focused non-profit, Earth Uprising International. She has addressed the Democratic National Convention, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. Alexandria's contribution to All We Can Save is "A Letter to Adults."