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Children in American History & Culture: Websites & The Dalton School Archives

Trusted Websites

The Adoption History Project - The history of child adoption in the United States including a timeline, personal profiles, organizations and topics, archives, and an extensive bibliography.  From Ellen Herman, Dept. of History, University of Oregon.

Children & Youth in History - This is a world history resource providing access to primary sources and case studies on children and youth in history.  From George Mason University.

Children in Progressive Era America - Images and information covering work, public health, play, reform, and children's organizations from the Digital Public Library of America.

Children in Urban America - Features documents and images covering work, play and leisure, schooling, health and welfare, and personal narratives.  From Marquette University, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

National Child Labor Committee Papers - A rich source of digitized papers, books, images, etc. from Harvard University Library's Open Collections.

Youth: Social Welfare History Project - A selection of websites of youth organizations that contributed significantly to the history of American social welfare.  From Virginia Commonwealth University.

The Dalton School Archives

The Dalton School Archives makes accessible the primary source materials that document The Dalton School’s history from its establishment in 1919 to the present.  Our collections include student and school publications, photographs, oral histories, correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, curricula, event programs, video recordings, memorabilia, and more.  Feel free to request assistance from Dalton's archivist, Ms. Linn at

Here is a selection of books and articles about the history of The Dalton School.  More can be found both in the library catalog and within The Dalton School Archives:

Edwards, June. Women in American Education, 1820-1955: The Female Force and Educational Reform. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2002.

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Parkhurst, Helen. Education on the Dalton Plan. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc., 1922.

Semel, Susan F. "Lessons from the Past: Individualism and Community in Three Progressive Schools." Peabody Journal of Education 70, no.4 (1995): 56-85.

Semel, Susan F. The Dalton School: The Transformation of a Progressive School. New York: Peter Lang, 1992.

van der Ploeg, Piet. "The Salient History of Dalton Education in the Netherlands." History of Educaiton 43, no.3 (May 2014): 368-386.

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