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Civic Engagement: DACA Articles

Recent News & Opinion:

From the American Civil Liberties Union, Oct 5, 2017:

We’re Suing the Trump Administration for Taking DACA Away from People Who’ve Followed the Rules” by Michael Tan

From The Atlantic, Aug 31, 2017:

Immigration Hardliners Are Forcing Trump’s Hand on DACA” by Molly Bell


From The Atlantic, Sept 4, 2017:

Trump Prepares to End DACA” by Priscilla Alvarez


From The Chronicle of Higher Education, Sept 5, 2017:

What Major Universities Had to Say about Trump’s Move to Roll Back DACA” by Liam Adams and Sam Hoisington


From The Nation, Aug 25, 2017:

Trump May Be Making Good on One of His Harshest Campaign Promises on Immigration - Soon: DACA Is in the Administration’s Crosshairs” by Julianne Hing


From National Review, Sept 5, 2017:

Trump’s DACA Decision Should Include Real Enforcement” by The Editors


From National Review, Oct 20, 2017:

Trump’s Executive Moves Have Strengthened Checks and Balancesby David Harsanyi


From Southern Poverty Law Center, June 30, 2017:

SPLC Denounces Letters from 10 Attorneys General Seeking ‘Cruel and Heartless’ Repeal of DACA” by SPLC