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World Religions: Copyright


To learn more about copyright and Fair Use, check out our Copyright Basics subject guide.

Make Sure YOUR USE is FAIR USE !

To support education, our government provides an exception to copyright law so you can use copyrighted materials in your school work.  Qualifying factors include:‚Äč 

  • the purpose (and yours will be educational)
  • the nature of the work you are copying (factual, informative works are best - entertainment is more problematic)
  • the amount of the work you copy (for video, clips under 3 mins. or 10% are usually OK - exceptions do apply)
  • the effect on the potential market (will viewing your video stop someone from purchasing the full video?)


  • Do not post copied work online.
  • Give credit - attribution is a must (cite your sources in the credits)

So, to avoid copyright infringement, make sure your use of video and text is Fair Use.

Copyright and Fair Use from Common Sense Education (2:45)