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World Religions: Video Sources

Video Databases

Video Sources Online

American Archive of Public Broadcasting - The Library of Congress and WGBH provide a growing archive of political, cultural, and social history through over 7,000 publicly funded programs nationwide.  Includes the full archive of the PBS NewsHour and the MacNeil Lehrer NewHour.

Library of Congress / Digital Moving Image Collections - Several hundred early motion pictures available from the Library of Congress.

AP Archive YouTube Channel - This film and video archive from The Associated Press includes over 1.7 million newsreels and stories from 1895 to the present.

Big Think - Similar to TED Talks, Big Think compiles lectures and other materials on many topics.  Easily searched topic index.

Blinkx TV/ 360 Video - Compiles video directly from publishers.

C-SPAN Video Library - Over 240,000 hours of freely accessible video from CSPAN.  Includes all C-Span coverage from 1987 and continuous current archiving of all three C-SPAN networks, 24/7.  Most videos have text transcripts and you may make your own clips.

Commonwealth Club - A video collection of civic leaders and thinkers in conversation at the Commonwealth Club.

Intelligence Squared Debates - This debate series, hosted by Hunter College, seeks to "restore civility, reasoned analysis, and constructive public discourse to today's media landscape."

Internet Archive: Moving Image - A searchable collection of video with separate sections for "Spirituality & Religion" and much more. Over 4 million films and videos uploaded by users of the Archives.  Because this is a mix of crowd sourced materials, items must be carefully evaluated before using. 

Internet Archive: TV News - A searchable collection of more than a million TV news shows since 2009.

National Press Club - Video collection of news-makers, academics, and more, searchable by topic.

PBS - Includes series such as Frontline, Bill Moyers Journal, POV, and the NewsHour.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading: Religion - A collection of TED Talks on the topic of religion.

UCSD-TV - This is the University of California San Diego's non-commercial TV station which provides coverage of multiple disciplines and contemporary issues.

UGBH Open Vault - This public radio and TV station provides access to its media library and archives.  Includes current sereis, special collections, and scholar exhibits.

92 St Y: On Demand - Video archives of speakers and artists at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.  Searchable by date and topic.