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World Religions: Websites

Trusted Websites

ARDA Association of Religion Data Archives - A rich source of data including sections on international and US religious groups, statistics, surveys, timelines, maps, reports, profiles, archives, and more.

Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs - Explores major religious traditions and their role in politics and society around the world.  Includes essays, news, case studies, publications, film guides, and more.  From Georgetown University.

BBC: Religions - A concise overview of major world religions including beliefs, ethics, customs, history, major figures, subdivisions, and more.

Divining America: Religion in American History - Essays by scholars covering the 17th through 20th centuries.  From the National Humanities Center.

Encyclopedia of Religion and Society - A to Z listing of topic entries from the Hartford Institute for Religious Research, Hartford Seminary.

Hartford Institute for Religious Research - Research reports and studies on megachurches, mosques, nondenominational churches, religion in America, and worship trends.

Harvard University: The Pluralism Project - Explores contemporary religious diversity in the US with emphasis on traditions from Asia and the Middle East.  Includes essays, timelines, research reports, case studies, and an extensive list of external links and bibliographies.

NewsLookUp - Follow and compare coverage of news stories around the world, in English.

Pew Research Center: Religion and Public Life -  Research, data, analysis, topics, publications, and more.

Theological Commons - A digital library of resources on theology and religion including audio recordings, manuscript collections, photographs, and more.  From Princeton Theological Seminary.

Wabash Center Annotated Links to Websites on Religion and Theology - Although this site is no longer maintained and may have some broken links, it is a rich source of websites, syllabi, and bibliographies arranged by religious thought, aspects of religion, religions by faith, pedagogy, and more.

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